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The management System of Institutions and Companies 

We harness the energies of our team to develop a comprehensive system for all your needs .

Design your system packge with ease , then access to assistive system at a time that suits you . 

From Our System : 

 Sales and Procurement System .

 Warehouse and Inventory Management .

 Human Resources Management System .

Prohect and Customer Relationship Management .

Accounting and tax system that complies with the requirements of the Zakat and Tax Authority  .


In the era of e-commerce , we've harnessed efforts to develop your own web page in an attractive, and easy-to-use, that enables you to manage you store through a single screen and enables your of visitors around the world .

Application development 
The Mobile appplications are one of the most important pillars of commerce nowadays. 

feel free to consult us and request the design of your application

  We Take Your Business To Another Level Of Development And Creativity   

Web development 

We at Knowledge Bonds offer you the service of developing your website to keep pace with the rapid progress and development in the world of technology to be attractive to the largest number of visitors around the world .

Information Technology Department 

Our Goal is to carry your effort so you can develop and manage your business effecively 

We will leave you focusing in your business and we will take the place of your IT department .

Consulting and Website Management  

Turn your ideas into reality!

Our consultants have experience to help you develop your business whenever you want

Real Estate System

Detailed record on contracts / Creating simplified reports from contracts / Issuing comprehensive reports with contract and financial data / Issuing reports on expired contracts / Diversity of payment methods


Car Rentals System

Branch information / Automatic update of the number of cars available in branches / Determining the place of receiving and returning the car / storing customer information


Customs Clearance System

Create and track customs transactions / Create and add invoices and documents / Determine currencies / VAT / Determine the required branches

Private School System

Registration from the website / Students and teachers management / Accounting and payment management for students / Management of documents uploading in Noor system / Management of grades and certificates

Transportation System


Car Workshop System

Storing customer information automatically in the system / registering more than one car per customer / Status notification of the car / report of required spare parts / estimation of maintenance cost

Restaurant Systems


Fruits and Vegetables Store System

Easy and quick screens for selling products / entering purchases in refrigerators tracking inventory / comprehensive and analytical reports / customer and supplier statements

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Contact Via WhatsApp


Interact with your customers using the most common App, to respond to their inquiries and follow up on their requests, complete electronic payment.


Achieving Flexible Communication System

Knowledge links provide your company with the best technology to operate effectively more than your competitors

Enhanced  Environment

Our support team prioritizes your daily needs for an optimized environment and supportive databases

Remote Maintenance and Support

We care about the quality of your work, so we provided you with specialized experts

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